We are a team of cameramen and aerial video filmers who work together to build advanced tools for camera stabilization. The technology is based on sensitive gryro electronics and direct drive brushless motors which provide a fast and precise pixel level stabilization for motion picture cameras.

All brushless gimbals are portable and very flexible and can be used either handheld, carried by a steadicam arm and vest, an easyrig, vehicle mounts and of course remote controlled multicopters or helicopters. There are many other options like cranes, our cablecam-system as well as combinations of these possibilities.

We use wire rope isolators combined with the gimbals for car-mounts and shotmaker camera cars with cranes or jib arms. Those wire rope isolators and our cablecam winches also allow for new systems on demand. Like for example remote camera sleds using skates on ice which can be accelerated and stopped on point using the winches.


August 2016: Short demo of the Portahead X3 brushless gimbal with my Sony PMW-F5. It's a handheld system for cameras up to 7 kg and has 3 stabilized axes. Using it's quickrelease clamp it can be combined with a steadicam system and allows to change the camera height during the shot using the rig like a portable jib.

April 2016: All systems are now provided with magnetic encoders. Using encoders gives the following advantages:

1. Prevents motors from loosing synchronization and skipping steps.

2. Provides the information about frame angle and angle of the camera relative to frame, that can be important for some kind of applications.

3. Can significantly decrease power consumption by using field-oriented control strategy to drive motors.

4. Increases instant torque the same way.

5. Increase the precision of stabilization by applying FOC-specific compensations.

August 2015: First use of the new Portahead X2 on the steadicam with the Arri Alexa for a spec commercial and some testshots. The system provides camera movements and switches between high and low mode.

January 2015: All new systems are now equipped with tool free adjustments, a quick release connection between pan motor and handles and a structurally optimized aluminum roll bar.

Video project from René Eckert (Blickinsfreie) made with his Porta Head and the Sony F5:

December 2014: Music Video for Piano Particles with the Porta Head 5 brushless gimbal and the Red Epic.

August 2014: First use of the new Portahead 10 on the steadicam with the Arri Alexa for a short film.

July 2014: New music video and also handheld walking and running testshots at a skatepark with the Porta Head 5 brushless gimbal.

June 2014: We did first tests with the Porta Head 5 brushless gimbal combined with the steadicam and a custom connection bracket. The bracket allows to move the camera during the take from ground level to over head height by rolling over the gimbal 180 degrees. The steadicam gives comfortable support to carry the system for longer takes and also eliminates visible up and down movement caused by footsteps.

May 2014: A few systems are already delivered and used for projects by our customers. Here are two videos made by René Eckert with his Porta Head 5 and the Sony F5:

Here's a short testvideo we made as I delivered a Portahead 5 system to a local company. It's all follow mode but with 3 handoffs altogether from one operator to another while I acted as player.

Februar 2014: First project with the Porta Head 5 and the cablecam.

January 2014: The Porta Heads 2 and 5 are available for pre-oder now.